Add Michael Taylor/Drop Aledmys Diaz

Good afternoon on this wonderful July 4th holiday to all of you! I’m going to keep it short and sweet as I’ve got places to get to, as I’m sure most of you do as well. On to the most added and dropped from the last week!

Top 5 Most Added

Josh Reddick (OF) – 29.4% – 53.8% owned

Michael Taylor (OF) – 27.8% – 43.8% owned

Clint Frazier (OF) – 25.9% – 27.5% owned

Scooter Gennett (2B, OF) – 23.7% – 51.4% owned

Orlando Arcia (SS) – 13.3% – 19.6% owned

Gennett repeats on the most added list, now owned in half the leagues. Probably about the right number owned, anything above 60% seems that it would be a hasty overreaction. Michael Taylor and Clint Frazier could be solid OF reserves, thought we haven’t really seen much out of Frazier so far as he’s only been up for a handful of games.

Top 5 Most Dropped

Aledmys Dias (SS) – 19% – 38.7% owned

Matt Holliday (OF) – 17.7% – 36.8% owned

Michael Conforto (OF) – 12.3% – 69.1% owned

Aaron Hicks (OF) – 11.6% – 45.3% owned

Matt Davidson (3B, UTIL) – 11.2% – 16.5% owned

Dias and Davidson are the only ones of this group not listed on the DL. Out of the two SS listed today, I’d rather have Arcia over Diaz, so make that move if you can. Arcia is still improving while Diaz may have shown his flash in the pan last season. The dropping of Conforto surprises me a bit, he’s definitely a guy I’d stash on my bench if I could afford to. Once again, he’s a young guy showing his increased ability, don’t throw him to the dogs, he’ll likely be claimed immediately off a waiver wire, DL-eligible or not.


I hope everyone has a splendid 4th of July today. Get out and see some fireworks if you haven’t yet!


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