Add Tommy Pham/Drop Cameron Maybin

As you recall I mentioned a couple weeks ago we’d publish our top 10 at the all-star break. That didn’t happen due to the lack of wifi up in the northern woods of Wisconsin. I’ll publish those separately after hitting on the most added/most dropped over the last week.

Top 5 Most Added

Paul DeJong (3B/2B/SS) – 17.3% – 40.2% owned

Tommy Pham (OF) – 16.7% – 44.0% owned

Jose Reyes (3B/SS) – 8.3% – 18.3% owned

Gerardo Parra (OF) – 7.8% – 13.3% owned

Josh Bell (1B) – 7.4% – 22.6% owned

Tommy Pham is the closest on this list to “must own.” He should definitely be owned in more than the 44% of leagues he owned in. Granted, there are a lot of OF options out there, but he’s worthy of a roster spot in probably 60% of leagues or so. Anybody with power and average is someone to roster. He can definitely replace any of the OF’s that will be listed below on the dropped list.

Top 5 Most Dropped

Cameron Maybin (OF) – 12.9% – 35.8% owned

Mitch Haniger (OF) – 11.6% – 35.9% owned

Lonnie Chisenhall (OF)** – 10.2% – 16.3% owned

Stephen Picsotty (OF)** – 6.0% – 32.1% owned

Eugenio Suarez (3B) – 6.0% – 54.0% owned

With Trout back Maybin goes back to the waiver wire fairly easily here. The players marked with ** are listed on the DL, each of those guys aren’t worth stashing. Haniger is a guy that hasn’t been near what he was before his injury in April. Suarez is only hitting .177 over his last 30 days. Given the position eligibility Suarez is probably the guy off this list I’d think about hanging on to a little bit longer.


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